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One Year, before I was gone, I wondered?

I wondered why I felt the way I did, I wondered what the world, out there, was like. I wondered if this populas, my companions were all that there was, was this the way all people thought, opined, lived? The habits inb my village were steady. No one changed all that much. Sons were like there fathers and daughters seemed restless and insecure. In the back of my head,,  I wondered if all peoples, in other parts of the world were like I was and like my companions. There has to be a bigger scope to life than what I see here? That was what I was wondering at fifteen. I went to the classroom, I worked in the afternoon in my father’s shop, I attended the local church, reluctantly, I listened to the preachers thinking that they should say something meaningful, eventually? I did what was expected,  It did not feel right.




The Sensuality of Bamboo Bedding.

Only a few months ago, I covered how great the towels are which I had purchased, on the internet, through the  shop. The towels are so soft and so absorptive, I just love them. I bought my first set for the master bathroom. I operate a small inn in the wine country, so next step was to purchase towels for the entire house. They have several colors so I could easily matchup the decor of the other bathrooms. I’ve laundered the towels multiple times and they come out looking and feeling great.
After my experience with the bamboo towels, I wished to experiment with bamboo bed sheets. I had heard and read about how silky and luxurious they feel, so I returned to Bamboo Quest and bought a set of queen size sheets for the bedroom. I had the ability to match the colour of the various other bedding that I already have. They also have duvet covers and shams which would look great, they are on my list for further improvements.
When I bought the sheets, I had some unique concerns, because of my travel, job and guests’ schedule. I called the shop and the shopkeeper answered the phone. He listened to my concerns, lined up special delivery and helped get my purchase out that day. I couldn’t be happier with the buying procedure, it went so efficiently.
When the Bamboo For Life sheets arrived, I took them in the bed room, opened up the bundle and sat stroking the bed sheets for a while. I didn’t plan to do this, I just sort of went into a hypnotic trance, they felt so good, kind of like a meditation on sensuality. I’ve since washed the sheets a number of times and they are as soft and luxurious as they were that first day. I just love the feel. It makes sleeping such a wonderful experience, I anticipate the end of the day, and also sometimes it is difficult to get up in the morning.
I found the sheets to be so sexy, I purchased bed sheets for the remainder of the house. My guests are going to enjoy them, these people will keep coming back and they will tell their friends about what a great little B&B in the wine country, they’ve discovered!

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