One Year, before I was gone, I wondered?

I wondered why I felt the way I did, I wondered what the world, out there, was like. I wondered if this populas, my companions were all that there was, was this the way all people thought, opined, lived? The habits inb my village were steady. No one changed all that much. Sons were like there fathers and daughters seemed restless and insecure. In the back of my head,,  I wondered if all peoples, in other parts of the world were like I was and like my companions. There has to be a bigger scope to life than what I see here? That was what I was wondering at fifteen. I went to the classroom, I worked in the afternoon in my father’s shop, I attended the local church, reluctantly, I listened to the preachers thinking that they should say something meaningful, eventually? I did what was expected,  It did not feel right.




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